Hot Weather on the Gulf Coast

"It's so hot the birds have to use potholders to pull worms out of the ground." That's an old one. But, it's about the truth. Here on the gulf coast, we are experiencing unseasonably hot weather (even for us). We have had temperatures in the low to mid 90s for about a week now. Mix that in with 45-50% humidity and you will understand why the power companies along the gulf coast have an extra skip in their walk these days. People have been flocking to the beach. I have never been able to understand why one would go to the beach to cool off. The beach is perhaps the hottest spot on the planet right about now. But, traffic is bumper to bumper in Gulf Shores. They can have it. I'll sit in the house until the heat wave subsides.

Right now, there is no end in sight for this heat wave. The ten day forecast calls for even hotter weather. Tomorrow it is supposed to get up to 98 with a heat index of 107! It will be in the mid to high 90s for the next 3 or 4 days with the ever present humidity. Rain? That wet stuff? It's been a while since we had any. Again, the ten day forecast has no rain forecast for at least a week. This just warms the Gulf of Mexico up even quicker than we expected. Around August, if even a tropical wave enters the gulf, we are all in trouble.


Well, we Filipinos go to our beaches when the heat is on , because it's cooler , not hot. Unlike other beaches, our beaches still have those shady coconut and tropical trees and the air in the beach is cooler , the water also colder. Those who don't have AC's , like us when we were so poor, we go to the beach to refresh and chill out.
I don't know about the beaches in those areas you mentioned.
In the summer, (March to May) , the heat temps in the Phils. can soar up to 110 degrees too. Either Filipinos hang around in air-conditioned malls or go to the beach. Our humidity levels too are high. I used to dislike high humidity, but now that most American states have low humidity levels, I now miss humidity because humidity. It's great to maintain moisture in the skin to keep skin looking young.

I'm just one who has never cared for the beaches. I live on the gulf coast of the USA and that is perhaps iron in it's finest form. I understand why one would do it in a poor country, I suppose. I did not have AC when I was a young boy growing up. We would go to the supermarket with out mother every Saturday, during the summer, just to enjoy an hour or so of air conditioned comfort.

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