First Signs of Discontent?

Last Thursday [article link], as President Obama traveled to Green Bay, Wisconsin, demonstrators were holding up signs such as "Taxed Enough?" and "No to Socialism." This is on top of discontent that the "stimulus package" is not stimulating anything but growing unease with this new president. True, the stimulus package has been arriving slowly to parts of the country where it is intended to help. But, from the very outset of his prodigious spending, people became outraged that so much taxpayer money was being used to take over the car industry, banking and, coming to a hospital near you, socialized medicine! Ask Canada how much they love socialized medicine.

I've said from the beginning, Obama has tried to take on too much at once. It's bad enough he going to try and grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. He's taking it a step further and trying to overhaul the health care system which, by Rep. Charles Rangel's own admission, would take at least $1 trillion dollars!!! He had his hands full with Iraq and Afghanistan, along with the Bush recession. Now, it is starting to appear, Obama is creating his own recession with unemployment continuing to inch forward, foreclosures on homes increasing at record levels and businesses continue to declare bankruptcy. To the Obama supporters; when do the economic woes fall on Obama and not the built-in excuse of "W"?

Maybe Ronald Reagan wasn't so stupid after all. He stated "You can't spend your way out of a recession." President Obama better hope he was wrong about that. His entire presidency is built on record spending levels this country has never seen. His entire presidency will sink or swim on the economy within the next year. People that are jobless, homeless and with "no hope" are going to start to take a rather dim view of those hot dates the president has with Michell in Paris, London or wherever.


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