A Final Plug for "Diary: Alone on Earth"

I announced last September I was starting another blog. I did so without really knowing how I was going to balance two blogs at the same time. But, this blog did a lot better than I thought it would. There is a lot I can attribute to that. But, I'm not going to do that at this time. Instead, I want to talk about my other blog or "blog novel."

"Diary: Alone on Earth," is drawing to a close. I am getting to about the last 3 or possibly 4 entries. It has been a joy and a tiresome task all at once. I've gotten more gratification out of creating this story than of anything I can think of right now. I have gotten plaudits from people since I started this story On October of 2008. The people who have encouraged me and continue to encourage me have been a blessing. It gives you a real ego boost to have someone tell you how much they enjoy your writing. It is something I never really thought much about. But, I am gratified by it all.

As this story closes, I need to acknowledge a few things. First, I need to acknowlege the little burg known as Axis, Alabama. In the story, I lived there. Although I have never lived in Axis, I have worked at a chemical plant in that area back in the 80s. I have drove past there many times. Some mighty fine folks there. I also want to acknowledge a writer I will make known simply as "Paul." Paul has given me some pointers in this endeavor. He has also been an inspiration. Thanks Paul. I want to thank Rod Serling. Rod Serling, you may ask? It was one of the episodes of the Rod Serling hosted "Twilight Zone" that has stuck with me ever since I first saw it. That episode was "Where is Everybody?" I have never forgotten it. And, last but not least, I want to thank my beagle, Ralph. Ralph has been mentioned throughout this story. To understand why, you'll just have to go read it.

Where does "Diary: Alone on Earth" go from here? I have been highly encouraged to have it published. I'm not sure I will go the commercial route of having it published. It seems writers are lucky to get 10% of the profit from the book and have to sign over their rights. I will never do that under any circumstances. So, unless something changes drastically, I will most likely go the self-publish route. I'm sure that is a gamble. But, having your book published is a gamble in any case, I believe. Paul told me recently writing the book is the easy part. Now, getting it published and marketed is the hard part. For some reason, I never thought about that. Come by and say hello if you have the time!


Hi David,

Last 3 series, now I'm excited. If you had the finances , then self-publication is the way to go. Good luck on your first endeavour as a writer and publisher. Can I later have a personally signed copy of the book from you?

I look forward to it. All the best.

Jena, if I do get AOE published, I promise i will send you a copy. :)

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