Farrah Fawcett - 1947-2009

Like a lot of guys in their 20s, back in the 70s, I was in love with Farrah Fawcett. She was the prototypical of prototypical blondes. I don't mean that in a negative way. She was beautiful and had that "girl next door" appeal to her. I admit the only reason I watched "Charlies Angels" was due to the three "Angels." But, I watched mostly due to Farrah.

Farrah wasn't much of an actress in the early part of her career. She didn't have to be. People wanted her due to her looks. Farrah took her acting career seriously, however. It was not until I saw her in a supporting role to Robert Duval in "The Apostle," had I realized Farrah had arrived as a serious actress. It was an outstanding performance by her, albeit, a limited role.

I watched her special earlier this year on her battle with cancer. I felt intrigued and amazed by that special. It seemed that she still wanted people to consider her an actress even though she was fighting for her life. Farrah, I believe, felt she never got the recognition she deserved for her acting due to her beauty. It is a cross that a lot of beautiful actresses must bear. Farrah died yesterday [article link] at the age of 62. It seems impossible she was 62. It seems she was then and was yesterday, 26 years old with that flowing blonde hair cascading down her back and in her face. God Bless you, Farrah. This fan will miss you.


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