The Continuing Saga in Iran

There are times in history that you make note of as you grow up. I remember the day JFK was assassinated. I was watching Neil Amrstrong when he put that first footprint on the moon. I remember the national headache of Watergate and Nixon. I remember the fall of the Shah of Iran back in '79. It appears we could have history repeating itself 30 years later. It seems the clerics who led the revolution back then and are fighting to control another revolution, would have remembered that the people of that country should come first. In tightly controlled Islamic states, such as Iran, young people aren't even allowed to hold hands in public. There is only one religion and one rule of law; Islam.

It appears things cooled down a bit this past Sunday in Iran. But, not for long. According to those on Twitter, protesters are again gathering to fight police and the fascist militias who are responsible for killing the majority of the nearly two dozen people in protests. If this revolution succeeds, those militia members will be remembered. I'm fascinated about this not because of the violence and bloodshed. But, because of the courage of a people who are willing to risk their lives to be free from the boot heel of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. During our own American Revolution our ancestors rose up to fight the most powerful country and military in the world. And we won because our people were, like the brave Iranian people, willing to risk their lives for freedom to live their lives as they want.

I don't know how these protests are going to turn out. There will be much bloodshed if the protests continue to grow. I just am curious if the regular Iranian Army is willing to fire on their own people. The Revolutionary Guard will not hesitate, nor will the Basij. But, Iranian protesters have one thing all the guns and knives can never suppress; the will to be free.


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