Another Blog Update

Periodically, I take time out from regular posting to give updates on this blog. Why I have done this or done that. Or even why I haven't done this or done that. I think now is a good time to update this blog.

I have not updated the template. I know people get sick of it. But, I am very picky when it comes to blog templates. It absolutely has to be three columns. And, it has to be appealing to the eye. In other words, I don't want to put up a template that would make people want to run and hide. I am looking for new blog templates. If you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate you letting me know.

Speaking of comments...I have noticed my comments have dropped off considerably since I started doing full subscription feeds about a week ago. But, at the same time, I have noticed my subscription number almost double. So, what's a guy to do? I haven't made up my mind yet. It seems that full feeds are hurting my comment numbers. I definitely want that to come back up. But, I hate losing people on my feed count as well. Something else that is hurting comments; I am not as active on other blogs as I used to be. I can't expect people to come here to comment when I don't do the same in return. Time is a big problem with me right now. I am about to finish my first "blog novel." I'm also trying to figure out if it would be worth publishing. How am I going to go about it if I decide in that direction? So, my time is limited with this blog. Just another problem yet to be resolved in my alleged mind.

You may have noticed that the chat box on the left sidebar is gone. I decided to take it down last week. It was more of a problem than it was worth. I hate losing the interaction with people. But, there have been some people who had started taking advantage of it. Some spammers would be placing ads every day, sometimes two or three times a day. I would ban them and they would find another way to get around the ban. People continually asked me for links. I don't mind that if they don't constantly ask. But, I don't want a long row of links taking up valuable space on one of my sidebars. I think if you add yourself to the follow widget, you are essentially placing your link here. Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong on that. Anyone is welcome to become a follower here. Then you had people who would cuss and make vulgar statements on the chat box. That got old...quick. So, as I said, the chat box was more trouble than it was worth.

You may have also noticed I no longer have ads. I made quite a bit of money with Scribefire Quickads late last year. But, then they ripped me off. So, I won't be doing ads again...at least, not for a while. I do have the one sponsor link. That is going to do it for a while.


I like the simplicity of your template. Some sites have a huuuuge header and you have to scroll down to see their content. That irritates me. Focus on the content - that's why people visit your site (or any site for that matter!).

I like your template. This one was actually one of three that I was looking at for my blog. I like the three columns though settled for two. You've done a great job on this blog.

Jan, I was never going to go for all that BLING that you see on some blogs. It seems to be more about style than substance. I'm not about all that. Thanks for your compliments and comment.

Poetic, I liked this template as soon as I saw it. However, I am looking at other templates. But, for at least a while, I'm going to continue with this one. It has served me quite well. Thanks for your compliments as well and your comment.

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