Waffle House: Grits, Toast, Sausage and...A Gun

In Clarendon County, SC, a waitress went a little overboard [article link] in dealing with a customer's complaint. Crystal Samuel came to the Waffle House and wanted the All Star Breakfast. Crystal did not get the All Star breakfast that she had ordered. She became angry about that. However, the waitress, Yakeisha Ward, told Samuel and her companions they would have to leave the restaurant since they were all eating out of "to go boxes," which apparently was not allowed. By this time, Samuel who was already incensed that she didn't get her All Star Breakfast, threw a waffle at the waitress, Yakeisha Ward. The altercation continued outside when the waitress decided she had all she was going to take. Ward went to her car, got her gun and knocked Samuel upside the head with the gun. During the struggle, the gun went off and shrapnel from the bullet struck the customer, Crystal Samuel, in the arm. Waitress Yakeisha Ward was arrested. When asked about the Waffle House incident, cutomer Crystal Samuel replied "Bad customer service." Well, I guess so.

I wish I could say this surprised me. But, having ate at the Waffle House a number of times, I can't say that it surprises me. I have so many stories about Waffle House until I think I should write a book. Probably one of the shortest and funniest stories was when I got off work early (working 10PM-6AM shift) and went to the Waffle House for breakfast. This was about 3AM. I knew this was a bad time to be in the Waffle House. But, for the most part, the people there seemed "normal." Just as that thought went through my mind, the door opened and in came a drunk. The man had thrown up all over himself, and had the strong smell of alcohol. He stumbled and fell down twice before finally making it to one of the stools. He then pulled out a flask and took a swig. I was thinking he was going to be thrown out. The waitress walks over to him and with a smile says, "And what can I get for you this morning, honey?" Everyone in there broke down laughing. I guess that was status quo for that particular Waffle House.


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