A Typical Sunday

Sunday's are usually a day of peace, quiet time and reflection in my life. I look forward to them as much, if not more, than I do Saturdays. I usually mow the lawn at my home (and the subsequent rain that always brings) or washing my car or truck (ditto the rain). If not those two chores, something around the house always needs something done to it. My beagle, Ralph, likes this opportunity with me mowing the lawn so he can bark incessantly at the lawnmower. To him, that lawnmower is a menace that must be stopped at all cost! And barking at it for an hour is the only way for him to accomplish that mission. So, after some rest, I will usually eat something, give Ralph something to eat. Then, I will either wash the truck or my Honda Civic. Yesterday it was the truck's turn to get the water hose. For some odd reason, Ralph will not bark if I wash the truck. But, let me turn the hose loose on that Honda and he goes berserk! I'm not sure why Ralph doesn't bark when I wash the truck. Maybe it's because I take him riding in that truck quite a bit. I will not let him in the Honda. So, I guess he figures the Honda is fair game.

After those morning and early afternoon chores, I go visit friends or family. Sometimes I bring Ralph if he has been behaving himself that week. As it turned out, Ralph has been a good boy lately...or as good a boy as Ralph can be. After our visits, we head home in the little red truck, with Ralph hanging his head out the window barking at everything and everyone. And by the time we got home...of course, the rain came. Mowing the lawn and washing a vehicle will make the rain clouds appear almost every time. A perfect ending to a typical Sunday at my house or I should say...my and Ralph's house.


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