Twitter is Everywhere!

Astronaut Mike Massimino [article link] has sent the very first Twitter message from space. Astronaut Massimino is aboard the space shuttle Atlantis to do service work on the old but incredibly useful Hubble Telescope. He sent the first "tweet" to his "followers." Massimino has been updating his followers in their day to day life as an astronaut. Unfortunately, when he goes on space walks, he will not be able to send any "tweets" for two reasons; there is no device certified for space walks and he will be far too busy with the Hubble.

I made a post last week [post link] about how Twitter is just over taking MySpace, Face Book and other social networks. I have been a memeber for a number of months. But, it has only been in the past two or three weeks that I have really gotten involved with it. I am addicted to it now. It is so easy to communicate with people with this network even with the 140 character limit. That doesn't sound like much. But, you'll be amazed how much you can say in just that 140 characters. That 140 character limit was the main reason I wasn't interested in Twitter...at first. Twitter has got to be the most popular site on the internet right now. But, you can tell they are experiencing growing pains. Several times last week it was almost impossible to access Twitter. Now, they are having daily down times for maintenance. I'm not sure how they stay afloat without advertising (and that has to come eventually). But, overall, this is one of the most productive networking sites I've been to on the internet. I'm sure Astronaut Mike Massimino would agree.


wow... astronaut used twitter... hmmm... it's great

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