Sleep Apnea

Back in the summer of 2002, I had to take a sleep study test to determine if I had sleep apnea. I was hooked up with all these wires, cables and was supposed to sleep for 8 hours with all that junk on me. I managed to sleep about 4 hours, I think. I found out after the test I did indeed have sleep apnea. I forgot how many times an hour I stopped breathing. But, I found out I was in the "moderate to severe" range. I was fitted with a CPAP and mask. At the time, that CPAP and mask cost $4800.00. I was very happy that my insurance paid 90% of it.

It took me almost a year before I was able to utilize that CPAP. I could not get used to wearing a mask with about 9PSI of air going up my nostrils every night. It was a very expensive door stop for that year. But, the terrible, terrible headaches associated with sleep apnea were getting the best of me. My ex-wife, to her everlasting credit, talked me into using that mask and CPAP for an hour a night. Then up to two hours and eventually I feel to sleep with it. It was some of the best sleep I have ever had. Prior to being diagnosed with sleep apnea, I tossed and turned all night with virtually no sleep. I was fatigued and always tired. Now, I simply can't sleep without that CPAP.

Now, it appears I have to use the CPAP even if I sit in my Lazy-Boy chair for a quick nap. I have been starting to get those sleep apnea headaches (rear and base of your head) in that easy chair. My blood pressure has gone sky high as a result. I'm posting this for two reasons. One, if you are constantly tired and irritable, always waking up at night, you might want to check with your primary care doctor and schedule a sleep apnea test. And, finally, if you have sleep apnea and want to sleep in the easy chair, put on your mask and turn on the CPAP. My BP was at near stroke levels yesterday as I was at the emergency room at the hospital. I could not understand why I was getting those sleep apnea headaches. But, it was due to falling to sleep in my easy chair. I'll just have to accept I can't sleep anywhere without that CPAP.


Ug...sleep disorders. The most needed thing for our ability to manage to survive daily life and the toughest thing to conquer when it is dysfunctional.

I am a very light sleeper which means that I never quite make into a deep sleep zone...but I am so use to it that I can not even imagine what it is like to be able to just sleep for hours at a time.

Sleep is like air...we cannot live without it!

Dorothy I am a light sleeper also. Combine that with sleep apnea and life is not that good right now. But, I persevere. Thanks for the comment.

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