A Situation Which Bears Watching

The battle between Pakistan and the Taliban [article link] is a crisis that is not getting much play in the news media. But, if the Taliban are able to overthrow the Pakistani government, everyone in the west will become mortified of what could happen. Just a few weeks ago, the Taliban and the Pakistani government reached a "peace agreement" which was widely criticized by nations around the world. You can never reach peace accords with fanatical zealots. No sooner was the ink dry on this so-called peace agreement, the Taliban immediately struck into Pakistan within 60 miles of the Capital city of Islamabad. The Pakistanis quickly learned the Taliban cannot be trusted.

According to the Time Magazine article linked above, the Pakistan Army is making headway in their fight to clear the Taliban in the Swat Valley region of their country. In fact, the Pakistan Army is doing so well, the Taliban insurgents have shaved their beards and melted into the civilian population. They are not only liars, but cowards as well. Most of the Pakistan citizens are supporting the fight against the Taliban and all they represent in the way of flogging women, beheading people and burning down schools. The Taliban does not only have to be stopped, they have to be killed...all of them.

The grave danger to the west and the world at large is the Taliban toppling a country with nuclear weaponry capability. That is the main objective of the Taliban. I have to believe President Obama has a plan in place to counter that possibility. In fact, if the Pakistani government were to collapse, I think you would see an invasion by virtually every western nation on the planet. The Taliban and their ally, Al-Qaeda, want nothing more than a nuclear bomb to force their brand of religious fanaticism on the world. This is why I say this is a situation which bears watching. A nuclear Taliban and Al-Qaeda would have devastating consequences for the entire world.


I think that the UN should always be vigilant about this situation since we will all be affected..

dennis I am not sure the UN can or is willing to do anything. Sure, they should be vigilant. But, the UN has its own agenda. thanks for commenting.

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