Mickey D And The Forgotten OJ

Apparently, Raibin Raof Osman [article link] is a man who doesn't like to be cheated out of his morning OJ. On Memorial Day, Mr. Osman ordered breakfast at a McDonald's in Oregon. The servers at the drive-thru forgot his orange juice. To make matters worse, the servers began laughing at the poor command his brother had of the English language. Osman thought that was very rude. That was simply the last straw for Osman. So, what did he do? Why what anyone would do in such a situation; he dialed 9-1-1 and complained!

Unfortunately for Mr. Osman, that is a misdemeanor and he was arrested as a result for improper use of the 911 emergency service. He wasn't as innocent as he pretended. He refused to listen to sheriff's deputies when they told him 911 is not used for reporting rude behavior. He and his comrades also blocked the drive-thru lane. So, he is going to get some quality time in the county lockup to understand you don't call 911 when someone makes you angry. And it certainly wasn't a "freedom of speech" issue as Osman complained. He could wind up getting a $2500 fine or six months in jail...or both.


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