Memorial Day Ritual

Yesterday I did my usual routine for Memorial Day. I visited the veteran's cemetery, visited the grave sites of my grandfather, uncles...all of whom were involved in wars from WWI to the Korean War. I also visited the cemetery where some friends of mine, from the Vietnam War, have eternal rest. It's just something I feel I have to do. In fact, it's the least I can do. I really wasn't up to doing it since I have been having problems with my blood pressure being up. But, I wouldn't have been able to sleep if I didn't pay tribute to these men.

Then last night I finished watching "Band of Brothers." I started watching this series on HBO on Demand Saturday. It's one of the best series ever on cable TV in my opinion. Plus, I did a lot of reflection on this day. We have a lot wrong in this country. There are things happening now with which I totally disagree. But, it is still the greatest country on earth. The freedom we take for granted was paid for in full by the men and women who gave their all so this country can remain the greatest country on earth. To those men and women, I humbly say "thank you." Sure, this post is a day late to make note of Memorial Day. But, in my opinion, every day should be Memorial Day for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. God Bless America.


Life is sad...it seems to be getting even more dasser as we go along. Why is that?

David...for some reason your page would not completely load no matter how many times I refreshed it.
More than not a glitch in the Matrix>
Have a very good day:)

Don't know why, Dorothy. Maybe it's the experiences we endure as we move down this road called life. That's the only way I can explain it.

You are not the only one that has made that comment to me about this site loading so slow. So, I got rid of that video...and may not put any more on this blog. I also got rid of the chat box as you can see. It was causing frames to break out as people tried to load this site. Plus, I was getting spammers and people cussing me out for opinions I have on this blog. It was just too much trouble. So, I got rid of it. I hope you continue to drop by and leave a comment or two.

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