Gas Prices on the Rise...Again

In my area, on the gulf coast, gas prices have risen from $1.83 of about two weeks ago, to $2.24 today. That is one helluva rise. And, I see nothing in the Middle East to warrant this kind of a rise in fuel prices. If they say this is due to "summer coming up," then the price increase is contrived. That is it, plain and simple. If a Middle East Sheik burps, that usually means about ten-cent a gallon increase. If a tropical storm even makes a slight northward jump toward the Gulf of Mexico, gas will go up about $.25/gallon. There is simply no excuse for this now. Tuesday's news [article link] that oil prices had hit a six month high of over $60/barrel is incredulous. For what reason? The article says because of a "recovering economy." Really? On what planet??? There certainly is no economic recovery on the Planet Earth. Is this all to prepare us for $5/gallon gas again this summer?

I'm not paying it. I'll start riding my bicycle again just as I did last year. Sure, there are cases you absolutely have to use your car. But, for short trips, I'll either walk or ride that bicycle. To hell with five bucks a gallon gas.


I hear you. Today I heard something about the Texas State Legislature talking about a 10 cent gas tax increase. Then, when I was driving home from work, I saw gas at the "cheap" station for $2.29/gallon, when just yesterday it was $2.15/gallon. My jaw dropped.

It seems that the gas prices began to rise when our mighty dollar depreciated against other currencies. It was briefly less than $2/gal here in Seattle when a Dollar could buy 80 cents of Euro. Now, it is $2.6/gal and Dollar could only buy 72 cents of Euro.

ianeerg, I was hoping the gas prices would remain stagnant during this terrible economic recession. That does not appear to be the case. We are going to get an $.04 a gallon user tax (road/hwy)

Carl, I admit I did not think much about the gas prices going up due to a depreciated dollar. But, I should have with all the dollars being printed by the Treasury to pay for our President's "social programs."

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