Couple of Thoughts for Friday

Do you get the feeling the news media is completely over blowing this Swine flu thing? On every news channel there are dire outlooks on what COULD happen. Thus far, in the USA, we have had one fatality, as tragic as that is. A two year old child from Mexico was brought to get help in Houston. But, it was too late. We were even told that there have been 150 deaths in Mexico, only to discover they can only trace 9 deaths to the Swine flu thus far. I've seen this before with the Honk Kong flu back in '68. People were upset. But, we weren't going nuts about it. I think a lot of the hysteria is being whipped up due to a combination of two things; inexperienced, hyperbolic government officials and 24 hour news channels. There is a time to get upset and nervous. It's time to be cautious. VP Joe Biden advised people [article link] not to ride subways and planes. Then Joe "Foot in Mouth" Biden had to retract this statement a couple of hours later. What was Obama thinking when he tagged this guy for his VP?

In some ways Fiat buying out [article link] the Chrysler Corporation is a bit ironic for me. I lived in Naples, Italy (while serving in the U.S. Navy) for three years. I bought a well used Fiat 500. It had an engine slightly bigger than a push lawnmower. It seated three people quite uncomfortably. And had a top speed of about 60MPH...downhill. I used to laugh at Fiat when I was young. I thought how inferior their car was to the behemoths out of Detroit. But, now, the joke is on me. I never envisioned Fiat taking over a well established car company like Chrysler. The mere idea back in 1972 would have had me laughing. But, it seems the Big Three Automakers never learned from the numerous complaints about American made cars. The Ford Pinto, Chevrolet Vega, Chrysler (Dodge) Neon were all nightmares for consumers. Now, the nightmare that Chrysler never envisioned is taking place with an Italian automaker. I may buy a Fiat 500 (if they still make them and sell them here). If for no other reason than for nostalgia. And to remind myself he who laughs last, laughs best.


I really hope the swine flu wont really be that serious. The news is really maddening.

Rosilie, I think we are all hoping it won't get serious. Thus far, it seems that it is a mild strain. Of course, that could change very rapidly. Thanks for commenting.

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