About 12 More Days

It will be June 1st in less than two weeks. Why is that significant? For most of America it is an insignificant date. But, for those living on the coastline in the southeast part of this country, it means one thing; hurricane season is upon us once again. I say every year this is my last year living on the gulf coast. But, I'm still here. We don't really get nervous until late July or early August. That is when the gulf is getting very warm. A small tropical storm can reach Cat 4 status in a hurry in warm gulf waters in August. The video below is when Hurricane Katrina was passing over Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The two idiots in this video display what you should NOT ever do in a hurricane. A piece of wood the size of a 12 inch ruler would embed itself quite easily in either of those two men. Sometimes I wonder if we truly are the intelligent species on earth.


For me, it means "glorious summer" and nothing to be worried and scared about coz where I live (in Connecticut) warm days are seldom.

bing, you got it made! All you have to worry about up there are winter snow storms. :) Thanks for coming by.

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