U.S. Navy 3 Somali Pirates 0

After tense days of failed negotiations, the U.S. Navy freed [article link] Capt. Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama. As I type this, details are fuzzy. It is not known if Capt. Phillips jumped into the water on his second attempt on his own or if somehow he was given a tip by U.S. Navy Seals to do so. In any event, 3 of the 4 pirates holding Capt. Phillips hostage were killed and a 4th was wounded. U.S. Government officials stated they were fearful of the raft floating to shore. If that were to happen, the Maersk Alabama Captain would have been held for both propaganda and a hostage payout this country would have been unwilling to pay.

Now, the U.S. must take advantage of this stunning military success and attack the source of piracy; Somalia. This is a country that is both lawless and without a functioning government. "Black Hawk Down" still haunts the psyche of Americans when it comes to this country. But, as has been stated before about pirates, "You don't go after the wasps, you attack the wasp nest." Obama must lay down the law to the UN in stating clearly our merchant mariners will be given training and weapons to defend themselves on the high seas. I hope Obama will ignore whatever law the UN has enacted that does not give merchant mariners the right to carry weapons aboard. This is a tragedy just waiting to happen. I would like to think this incident would give the Somali pirates reason to pause and consider. But, the rewards are too great and the targets are too easy. The Somali piracy on the open seas will continue until they pay a heavy price.


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