Tax Day - 2009

Those of you who have already sent in your income tax forms, are breathing easy today. Those of you who have procrastinated until today to do so, Uncle Sam is ready to come and take your SUV, your boat and your house if you don't send him the money due him. Of course there are a fortunate few who get a refund. Here is what I don't understand about people getting excited about a refund; IT IS YOUR MONEY. Uncle Sam isn't sending you money out of the kindness of his heart. No, he is sending money he "borrowed" from you at an amazing interest rate; 0% financing rate. Tell you what, pay your taxes late and see what kind of interest rate he socks to you. Then you will do like many people do and just spend that money during the year. I always did and then paid it at the end. If Uncle Sam would pay back that refund with interest, I'd gladly let him hold it back from me. I won't hold my breath on that one.

Anyway, in "celebration" of this day, I present this video to you. Those of the Obama cult (sorry Katy and Zach) faith, you may not want to watch this. Enjoy!


taxes.... do you know you never really own your home, even after you pay back your morgage? dont pay your taxes, and they can take your house. so what do we truely own in america? nothing. freedom? yes, if your mexican. mexicans have more rights than americans. i am a desert storm vet, and the mexicans living all around me get handouts i dont qualify for... kinda messed up...

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