Pistachio Salmonella Scare

I love pistachios. I always have. In fact, I usually eat a couple of $.99 bags a week. I have always preferred the pistachios with the red dye. But, you can't find those any longer, or I can't find them. I love pistachio ice cream, cake...whatever. I just love pistachios.

It was with a bit of shock when I read Wednesday [article link] that there was a nationwide recall of 2 million pounds of pistachios! I was shocked. Kraft Food Inc., found some pistachios tainted in a processing plant in central California. They then contacted the FDA with their findings. I hate to imagine what would have happened if those pistachios had not been tested. People all over the nation would be getting sick.

As I said, I was shocked by the news of salmonella tainted pistachios. It was even more of a shock to me since I was eating a bag of pistachios as I was reading the story. As much as I love pistachios, I wanted no part of salmonella. I threw the bag away. Now, I'm waiting to see if I have any symptoms. But, thus far, I haven't been sick and there are no reported illnesses from the tainted pistachios. I might just give that treat up for a while.


I never knew why some were green and some were red? Haven't bought them in years. I like them, don't know why I quit buying them. Guess now is not the time to buy again.


Sandy, I think the red pistachios were colored by red dye #2 which was outlawed many years ago, I think. I'm not sure about that. But, I just liked them better. Thanks for coming by.

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