Jerry the Daschund

I used to own two little black and tan mini-Daschunds. Their names were "Heckle and Jeckle." Ironically, they were both born on September 11, 2001. They were a lot of fun and were always a source of amusement. Unfortunately, I had to give them away after my divorce. I simply had nowhere for them to live when I moved back to my hometown. I dearly miss them.

This video makes me think of them quite a bit. Daschunds are quite creative in finding ways to amuse themselves. I think you will agree after watching "Jerry the Daschund." Enjoy!


I don't know who thought of this wonderful gadget but they need to be congratulated. Great video and thanks for the share!

Friends 4 Life!

Eddie, I think I read commentary at the youtube site that the guy who uploaded the video made that gadget. he should market that thing. "Thanks for commenting." Shout out to Katy and Zach!

very cool! cute dog you had:P

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