G20 Summit Protesters

I've never been quite able to figure these G20 "protesters" out. It seems they protest at every G20 Summit, regardless of country. Now they are protesting in London [article link] They protest, supposedly, everything from Capitalism, homelessness, "climate change aka global warming, anti-war, anti-nuclear power...every leftist whack job you can think of is there to protest. So, here is my question; do these people have jobs? If they do, how are they able to talk their employers into letting them prance off to London to protest their hearts out? Most likely, they do not have jobs. I'm sure a large portion of these "protesters" are jobless. So, the question begs, how are they able to afford the plane tickets, the hotel rooms, food to eat while they are "protesting?"

I'm of the opinion there are those wealthy leftists, such as George Soros, who bankroll these people. Which, in my opinion, makes these people "professional protesters." If they are professionals, one has to consider if they are really there supporting their beliefs or those of their benefactor(s). And just how ardent is their support to their core issue? The large majority are anti-Capitalists. That is a bit odd when you consider that George Soros has made off like bandit in the "former" Capitalist society in the USA.

Personally, I think these protesters are there at the behest of people such as George Soros, possibly even Al Gore and others. They are probably clueless in whatever issue they allege to be protesting. Get them in a debate and have them debate the merits or sins of Capitalism, as to whether "climate change aka global warming" is man-made. I'd really like to see just one journalist investigate these people and see where they come from, what background they have, and delve into how these people are able to make it to every G20 Summit. Just one journalist with a spine. Is that asking too much? I think not. I think the answers would be surprising. And enlightening as to their real motivation.


No matter what occasion it is, protesters will always be there. There is always someone that is unhappy and feels like protesting will solve it. It's absolutely useless, the only thing it causes is havoc and critique to the police that are trying to keep the protesters on a leash. And then once a year an accident happens and police is shown as a group of heartless bastards beating women and kids. It's just stupid.

Take care, Elli


It is true, as you say, the protesters will always be with us. Some people have nothing more to accomplish in life other than to raise hell about something they may or may not be concerned about. These people are "professionals." they are good at what they do. But, they are transparent as hell...and hypocrites. Thanks for the comment.

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