David's Musings: 1st Anniversary!

One year ago today, I started this little blog. Honestly, I didn't have a clue as to how or what I was going to do with this thing. I had only heard of "blogging" from a friend. The first time I heard the term, I thought it was some form of exercise that involved jogging! My first post...I have gone back and read it at least twice. Each time I am amazed how clueless I seemed in that very first post. But, it's all a learning process. One year ago I thought SEO was something that served on a board of directors or something. Backlinks? I thought that had something to do with golf practice. You can stop laughing now.

I have made almost 300 posts in this one year of blogging. I was posting sometimes three times a day when I first started out. The first three months, I posted every single day! I know there are people who, even after blogging for years, still post every day. I just can't do that. In fact, I try to limit myself to Monday-Friday. This is a rare weekend post for me. Today is a rare exception due to this blogs anniversary.

I've met a lot of different and interesting people. Shared lots of information with them and a few, I have made into friends (or as close to being friends as you can with this medium). One of the things I discovered, after I started this blog, is how much I enjoy "writing." In fact, I started another blog, "Diary: Alone on Earth" as a result of the satisfaction I derived from this blog. As I said, I've met lots of nice people here. Of course, with the good, you also have the bad. There have been some I have dealt with who were absolute jerks. I remember my grandfather telling me once, "Son, there are people who have jobs in this life. Some are lawyers, some are doctors and some are jerks. The latter job is the one that some people do with great satisfaction and joy." Grandpa, you were right as usual.

In celebration of this day, I am going to post a link to my personal favorite post of this past year. It only got one comment. But, it is really personal to me and I did get about a dozen email from people who don't like to post comments for one reason or another. You can read that post by clicking HERE.

I look forward to the next year with great anticipation and interest. Thanks to all who have participated here in the past year. Thanks to all who will participate in the future.


happy anniversary! keep on blogging, you're doin' great. =)

femme, thanks much! and thanks for coming by!

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