Arlen Specter Goes Home

Senator Arlen Specter announced earlier this week [article link] he was breaking ranks from the Republicans and defecting to the Democratic Party. Senator Specter was a Democrat until 1965 when he decided to join the Republican Party. This puts the Democratic Party at the brink of a super majority with the likelihood that Al Franken will be seated as the 60th Democrat representing the state of Minnesota. Senator Specter stated the Republican Party no longer tolerated dissent from moderates. He therefore felt it time to leave.

I think Arlen Specter's reasons for leaving the Republicans were purely political in nature. He faced a brutal reelection campaign to continue as the Republican senator nominee from PA. His own pollsters told him his chances of winning the Republican primary were "bleak." He still faces a tough primary to gain the Democratic nomination in his state. I don't blame Sen. Specter for leaving. What I do blame him for is waiting so long. It was obvious he was not a "moderate" by no means. He is a liberal through and through. He's made that clear in voting with Democrats on increased taxes, spending, illegal immigration and a host of other issues that Democrats advocated. Speaking of few "moderate" Republicans; just how many "moderate" Democrats are left in the Senate these days? That's never discussed for some reason.

The bad news for the Republicans, they lost a seat they could ill afford to lose to the Democratic Party. The good news for the Republicans, Senator Arlen Specter is the Democrats problem to contend with now. Like John McCain, Senator Specter is in love with his "maverick-independent" label. What Senator Specter should realize is that riding both sides of the fence is going to have to end eventually. I suspect the good citizens of the state of Pennsylvania will send Senator Specter to a forced retirement.


Specter did it because he thought he had a better chance winning the primary. The Democrat running against him disagrees. I think this switch will be tougher on him because of his positions regarding labor. The press might like to say the GOP is not tolerant of Specter's views but I think he's going to run into the same issue with the Democrats.


Specter has always seemed out of place in the Republican Party. He has irked conservatives in the Republican Party with his support of huge spending and tax increases throughout his career. His support of the Obama Bailout was the last straw for many conservative Republicans. Personally, I think his career ends after next year. Thanks for commenting.

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