Wikipedia Not Tolerating Criticism of the President

Wikipedia, that sanctimonious bastion of everything and anything, is refusing to allow [article link] entries critical of President Obama. Some users have once again made entries in reference to whether or not the President is legitimately a U.S. Citizen. The only question I have about this "issue" is why the sensitivity of the Obama Administration on this? I have read the President has provided a birth certificate to validate his birthright as a U.S. citizen. However, there appears to be questions surrounding the validity of this certificate anyway. So, the conspiracy theorists are having a field day with it.

Now, Wikipedia has a perfect, legitimate right to pull out such questionable entries surrounding the legitimacy of Obama. That is their right as a private company, I suppose. What I don't understand is according to this article, Wikipedia is also pulling out any references to the controversial racist former pastor, Rev. Wright and the known terrorist, Bill Ayers. There has been a great deal of news coverage in both the print and electronic media concerning these two men. President Obama does not deny his association with Bill Ayers and he certainly cannot deny his association with Rev. Wright.

So, I guess my question is why is Wikipedia so sensitive about entries concerning these two men when even the President doesn't deny his own association with the two? Do you see why so many Republicans are paranoid about the media (although I am not sure you can categorize Wikipedia as news media...but still) being biased in favor of President Obama? I have lived a long, long time and have never seen such blatant favoritism for one individual as there is for President Obama. Even during the Clinton years, when the news media basically "willed" the Senate not to convict Bill after impeachment, did you see such an obsession to cover for "The Anointed One." It's ridiculous. Show the same objectivity toward President Obama that you did toward Bill Clinton, at least. Every president without a "D" after his name has been summarily blasted to bits by the media. Stop this school girl crush you people in the news media have on the man and let him succeed or fail on his own merit. Damn.


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Guess this is what they call "Freedom of Speech"..

Bifung, thanks for the compliment.


Indeed it is freedom of speech. But, like so many liberals, they believe in freedom of speech as long it is speech they adhere to. Thanks for the comment.

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