Scribefire's QuickAds Nonpayment

I have tried several different ad networks over the almost one year of this blog. I've tried Goggle Adsense, AdBrite, Kontera, Adtoll and several others I can't remember right now. All of them were less than successful on this blog. However, back in October of last year, I subscribed to a new ad network called "Scibefire QuickAds" which was the monetization feature of the highly successful Firefox addon. The first month I made just over $60.00. Actually, that was made in only about two weeks of October. That was more than all the others I had placed on this blog or my other blog, "Diary: Alone on Earth." The month of December I made over $200.00 on QuickAds. It was looking good. I was very happy with QuickAds.

Scribefire QuickAds had promised to always pay to your Palpal account by the 7th of every month. I noticed they were mighty slow in doing this. Sometimes they were 2-4 days before posting to your Palpal account. I knew that was a bad sign. But, I also thought since it was a new company, maybe they were just having growing pains. That is what I convinced myself to believe.

About the middle of Febuary, I got the following email from Scribefire QuickAds:

Valued ScribeFire Publishers,

We are reaching out to you to let you know that we are in the process of revamping our ScribeFire QuickAds monetizing feature.

As of now, we will put our banner and intext ads on hold as we put together our resources and creativity to provide you with an improved monetizing product.

Your business has been valued up through this point and we hope we can count on it when our improved Beta is released.

Please go ahead and remove any QuickAds advertisements you are currently running of ours on your blogs. You will be paid for all your remaining earnings through this point.

Thank you for your continued business and enthusiasm for ScribeFire!

The ScribeFire Team.

Ok, I again convinced myself this company was going through growing pains. I convinced myself this for about one day. Within a week of this email going out, I noticed they withdrew their email contact link and their snail mail address. In fact, you can no longer access the Scribefire Support Forum.

Please notice the part in the above email where they state "You will be paid for all your remaining earnings through this point." Nowhere do you see where they state when they will pay. Again, alarm bells went off in my head. Scribefire QuickAds owes me over $80. I will never see that money in all likelihood. I was ripped off as probably many other publishers were. It's not so much the money (well...maybe it is the money) but the lying and conniving of a company that does business with a major corporation such as Mozilla Firefox. I seriously doubt Mozilla will do anything about it. I thought about contacting them about Scribefire. But, decided it would be an exercise in futility.

I have been unable to find other people complaining about Scribefire QuickAds on the internet. I may be the first one. I have left several comments about QuickAds nonpayment on other blogs. But, I seem to be the lone wolf howling in the wind. I just don't like some damn body to rip me off. I don't care if it is just eight cents. I have waited on Scribefire to make good on payment and they will not even attempt to give you an email address to contact them now. I doubt it would do any good if they did provide you with a contact number or email address. They most likely have gone bankrupt. As I said, no one else has started complaining. Well, those days are over. This is the first official complaint to my knowledge on the internet. And I won't delete this post. It will remain in my archive so it can be searched by others who have been "Scribefired" like me.


I've never heard of Scribefire, but if they are/were connected with Firefox you really should get in touch with them. I have always had the impression that Mozilla Firefox was reliable and trustworthy, so it (the situation) should be brought to their attention. They truly might not know!

Jan, Scribefire is an "addon" to Firefox that is a big aid to bloging. They also developed an ad network last September which was quite successful on my blogs. I decided to contact Mozilla about Scribefire. I really don't believe anything will come of it since, like so many companies today, they have their hands full with this economic turmoil. But, one can only hope. Thanks for your input!

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