Roy Orbison: Crying

Roy Orbison was one of the very best singers during the golden age of Rock and Roll covering Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley and many others. I have read before that Elvis did not fear anyone but Roy Orbison taking the spotlight away from him. I can't think of many songs of Roy Orbison I did not like. But, this one is my favorite. Elvis had the moves and the looks, along with a good voice. But, Roy Orbison, in my opinion, could sing better than any of them of that era.

Ladies and gentlemen, Roy Orbison!!!


Roy O. was IIRC one of the sun records artists and was a really big figure even if he was slightly overshadowed by Elvis and Gang....

terence, he was slightly overshadowed by Elvis and the rest. But, even Elvis respected him. Roy did not get the respect he deserved until late in life. He was a great one.

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