"The Rest of the Story..."

One of the great titans of radio newscasts, Paul Harvey, passed away Saturday[article link] in Arizona. I was a bit stunned, but not surprised. I knew Paul Harvey was getting up there in the age bracket. Paul Harvey was 90 years old. I heard the news with sadness. He was one of those people you grow up listening to or hearing about all your life. And, then all of a sudden, he is gone. I used to listen to him "Page 2..." as he was about to go to commercial break. I loved the anecdotal stories of famous people he related to his listeners and then told them "and now you know...the rest of the story. This is Paul Harvey.....gooood day!" That was probably his most famous line and one of the most famous in radio broadcasting.

I listened to him for many years as I was going to work on the night shift. His prerecorded newscast would come on about 11PM as I was leaving for work. It was about a 30 minute drive. So, I was able to listen to his entire broadcast. He always managed to get in a strange, but funny story to make you chuckle. He was probably as a familiar voice as Walter Cronkite was at one time. I realize most of the 30 and below never heard of him or are not familiar with Paul Harvey. He was an American icon for over 50 years on the ABC radio network. Paul Harvey had a syndicated column in newspapers for many years. Many did not agree with his conservative viewpoints. But, very rarely, did you meet someone who did not respect him. He was a largely non-controversial commentator. But, the one time he met derision was when he turned on President Richard Nixon's Vietnam War agenda. After initially supporting the Vietnam War, he changed and felt America should get out. He caught hell for that. But, he stood firm on this change of heart. He never gave a reason why he changed positions on the Vietnam War. I guess he really never had to.

I'll miss that familiar voice, the one I admit I had not thought much about over the past few months. I thought he had retired. But, a man like Paul Harvey just doesn't retire easily. He couldn't retire. Paul Harvey loved his job. How many people can say that? And, now, you know the rest of the story.


I always enjoyed Paul Harvey when I heard him on the local talk radio. I hope that there will be re-broadcasts his "Rest of the Story"

Hi Paul!

Mike, Paul Harvey was one of a kind. You always recognized his voice whenever you turned on the radio. I am sure there will be re-broadcasts in the future as well. Thanks for coming by!!!

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