President Obama, Please Pay Attention

I know late President Ronald Reagan was well hated and reviled by those on the left. But, this is the difference of when President Reagan, who also was facing a crisis of sorts in this initial inauguration, and the president we have now who believes government is the solution to all our ills. As President Reagan said almost thirty years ago, "You can't spend your way out of a recession." Well, President Obama is giving it all he's got to prove President Reagan wrong. "Yes we can" rings so hollow now, doesn't it? If ever there was a stark difference between substance (Reagan) and style (Obama), this video displays it for all to see. Sure, he had a contra affair that he was vilified about until the day he died. But, I would vastly prefer Reagan over what we have now. And, no, I am not a Republican.


$11 Trillion in debt and a deficit that has grown to nearly $2 Trillion/year? I'm frightened for my children.

At a time like this, the country certainly needs another man like Reagan. Love the video, drives home what the man stood for.

nice video and article


I not only fear for my children...I fear for my grandchildren. What a massive debt to put on them all in the name of political expediency. This country needs a leader, not a celebrity in the Oval Office.


Thank you and please come back.

The curtain is being pulled back on Mr. Obama as we speak. Many of us saw his silly "change" mantra for what it was, but I don't think anyone knew it would be this frightening. All style, zero substance. Add to that Pelosi, Ried, Frank, Schummer and Dodd... I weep for our future.

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