It Never Ceases to Amaze Me

My three year warranty on my 2006 Honda Civic ended last Friday (Friday the 13th, naturally). I have had periodic problems with this car since I bought it. Oh, it's been little things like the battery suddenly dying on me after just 9 months of use. Two busted seals on the power steering assembly. The idiot lights saying "check engine" when there was absolutely nothing wrong, "time for service" after I had the scheduled service just three weeks prior. There have been a few other little problems also. It was more aggravating than anything else.

Yesterday, as I got into the car to go eat breakfast at the local Cracker Barrel, I discovered I had another problem; the starter has gone out on me. That is going to cost me some big money. I always thought Honda was known for its dependability. I am furious about this happening so close to the warranty expiration date. I didn't fool with an extended warranty because I've always felt they weren't worth the money. I should have learned my lesson with my 1988 Pontiac Grand Am. The warranty expired on it and within a month, I needed a new automatic transmission. It's almost like cars are timed this way to show the consumer the folly of not buying that overpriced extended warranty.

I intend to raise hell about it Wednesday when I go to pick it up. Yes, I know it won't do any good whatsoever. But, it will make me feel better.


I know how you feel, a good rant doesn't accomplish anything, but it sure makes you feel a whole lot betta.

Nancy, the thing about it, I think these people are anticipating my rant. "I know you're upset about this happening so close to the warranty expiration date. But, this does happen on occasion." Seems like they throwing me a high slider to knock out of the park. I'm going to oblige the. Thanks for the comment. :)

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