Fish Eats Cell Phone....Cell Phone Survives

Ok, I admit I love strange, but weird stories like this [article link]. A businessman in the UK lost his cell phone at the beach. Like most people, he thought he had lost it forever. He probably was wondering how much he was going to get hammered for a new phone. A few days later, his girlfriend got a phone call from.....the cell phone! It seems a fisherman had found the cell in the belly of a 25lb cod. This was a week later after the businessman lost the cell phone! A week!

The businessman had to change out the circuit board of the cell (probably would have been cheaper to just buy a phone) and started using it again. It had the fish smell, which I'm not sure how you can get past that when you try to make a call. I think this proves, as the writer of this article illustrates, cell phones made today are a lot tougher than we give them credit. I dropped my fragile looking cell on the pavement at least three times in the two years I have owned it. Beside a few chips and nicks, it works just fine. I even had my beagle, Ralph, grab the cell phone in his sharp teeth, slobbbered all over it and it still works.

I know this story appears kind of "fishy." But, apparently it is true. As for the cod, I imagine he wound up as dinner somewhere. But, he, at least, had his 15 minutes of fame.


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