A Few Thoughts on the President

If I'm not mistaken, President Obama is just over halfway through his first 100 days. With that said, a few thoughts.

I noticed during the campaign, Obama did not respond well to criticism. In fact, he is very thin-skinned. That's a bad trait to have if you are a politician. Say what you will about "W," but he let criticism fall to the wayside like water off a duck's back. The entire fiasco with Rush Limbaugh was an embarrassment. The WH Press Secretary getting into a public spat with a private citizen? What the hell was that all about? I couldn't believe it. The best way to infuriate Rush is to ignore him. Instead, the WH gave him credibility by responding to his rants on his radio show. A very immature reaction by the Obama Administration.

I thought from the very beginning, Obama would be a typical Democratic President. By that I mean what the Democrats believe in; big government, love to tax the "rich," and to increase taxes across the board. Well, I was wrong. Sure, President Obama supports all the above. But, he is going at it in a manner never seen by the man occupying the Oval Office. Before it is all said and done, he will have spent 10 trillion dollars.....before his first term is over. It is historic the manner in which taxpayer dollars are being thrown around to the corporate elite, the same people the Democrats have heaped scorn upon for decades.

Every President has a "Waterloo Moment." Reagan's was the Contra affair, Bush Sr. was the "read my lips...no new taxes," Clinton's was Monica in the Oval Office, and "W" was the Iraq War, among many others. Just a guess here...and while it wasn't a real campaign issue, amnesty to illegal immigrants could be a "Waterloo Moment" for Obama. I think he and his administration have seriously underestimated the will of the American people on this issue. You would think it would have sunk in after a grassroots movement sunk "comprehensive immigration reform" in 2007. I suspect it has not. Obama, Pelosi and Reid will proceed with granting amnesty to millions of illegals despite millions of jobless Americans looking for work. What was that catchy little phrase the open borders crowd loves so much? The illegals do work that Americans won't do. Sure.

The closing of Guantanamo Bay could be classified as a "Waterloo Moment" for President Obama as well. They announced the closing of this base without any forethought as to what to do with these terrorists from around the world hellbent on killing American troops. Nobody wants these killers in Backyard, USA. But, where else do they go?

Things could have be worse, I suppose. "W" could still be president. That's a nightmare I was glad to see come to an end.


Your thoughts are right on. Signs are that the public is uneasy about these policies. Look at the fallingpoll numbers and tea parties for instance.

The Republicans are doing well to distance themselves from things like a stimulus package that won't work. More debt and more taxes are a bad thing for the country right now and time will expose that clearly.


President Obama views these examples you gave as mere "bumps in the road." He is quite fond of telling everyone "I won the election." He is egotistical and thin-skinned...not a good combination. He enjoys dishing it out...but taking it is another issue. It's like a friend of mine said today and I mentioned it on this very blog..."the people who will pay for this debt have yet to even be conceived in the womb.' That is very sad if you think about it. Thanks for you comment.

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