Crazy Beagle and Raccoon Willie

This is a short video of a beagle and what is obviously a pet raccoon. I don't advocate people keeping wild animals as pets. They are called "wild" for a specific reason. Some people find that out the hard way. Anyway, I thought it was humorous the way these two appear to be old friends. They have a couple of play fights and just seem to be enjoying each other in the hot summer afternoon. I can only imagine what my beagle, Ralph, would do if a raccoon came into our yard! Enjoy!


This video reminds me of when my wife was younger and she and her sister had two pet raccoons. I think one of them ended up biting her sister and that was the end of the raccoons. Cute video. Thanks for sharing!

Friends 4 Life!
Eddie Garcia


We had a squirrel that we had raised since the time it could barely open it's eyes when I was about 10 years old. As it was growing up, we really loved him. But, one day, he bit the hell out of my youngest sister. So, my father said the squirrel had to go. We were heartbroken as kids about that. I worried for days on end that the squirrel couldn't fend for himself. The "wildness" came out of him. Thanks for dropping by again.

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