Chuck Berry: Johnny B Goode!!!

Chuck Berry, in my opinion, has never really gotten his just due for his contribution to the start of Rock and Roll. Many say Elvis was the "King of Rock and Roll." If that is the case, then Chuck Berry is the "Father of Rock and Roll." Elvis couldn't hold a candle to Chuck Berry when it came to the guitar. And Chuck Berry had moves that the King could only dream about! The only problem for Chuck Berry was that he was a black man during the time of Jim Crow and the birth of Rock and Roll. His hits such as "Maybelline," "Nadine," "Roll Over Beethoven" were all classics of this man. My personal favorite is the one I have included in this blog entry, "Johnny B Goode." This is Chuck Berry at his finest. It's an old B/W TV appearance, and it's kind of creepy looking back on this 50s edition. There were better renditions available. But, this is a young Chuck Berry. Watch him do the duck walk...pure Chuck Berry.


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