When a Lie is Not a Lie?

You ever hear tell of someone who lies so much until he or she starts believing their own lies? Apparently, that is the case with Herman Rosenblat [article link] who had claimed he met his wife at the notorious Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald. He waxed eloquently how his wife sneaked apples and bread to him so he could survive. Only thing about it, it was a flat out lie intended to publish a book (Angel at the Fence...which was pulled before it could be published) and, most likely, a lucrative movie deal netting him millions more. You'd think Mr. Rosenblat would be humble and contrite after being revealed for being the liar he is. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Rosenblat said on the "Good Morning America" show that he had "no regrets about the lie and would do it again if given the chance." This guy even appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Even though the suddenly political Oprah criticized Rosenblat, his story is still listed as the first example of "Love Lessons from Amazing Couples." So, basically, Oprah is promoting a known liar for love lessons. And the very first example at that! To me, that speaks volumes about Oprah. As for Rosenblat, he stated that he believes his own lie. In fact, he now believes it happened. I think Mr. Rosenblat, in a way, dishonors the memory of the people who perished through the holocaust with this story. He was trying to make money off of this tragedy in world history. That should be enough for the Oprahs and GMA hosts to trash him mercilessly. Yet, outside of a few sarcastic remarks, not much in the way of ridicule was heaped on this charlatan. And that's a sad commentary on the news media.


Hmm.. very interesting.. He made millions with his lie even after admitting it..

Yes, Sedona, sadly, Mr. Rosenblat made quite a bit of money just off of appearances on Oprah and GMA alone. He will net thousands more in interviews, I would guess. Thanks for your comment.

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