Unemployment: Good For You?

I like to read over news items during the weekend as I relax in my easy chair with my laptop. Sometimes, I see a story that defies all logic or explanation. Richard Chartres, the Bishop of London, stated in The London Times that losing your job [article link] is “good for you.” His rationale was that people need to get off the treadmill of life and explore what their life really means. He further stated that he didn't know who he sympathized with most; those that lost their jobs or those that had their jobs but carried bigger work loads because of downsizing. There isn't much I can add to that last comment.

This tells me that the good Bishop of London has lost all touch with the working people of London. I daresay if he asked his parishioners if losing their jobs was a good thing, they would very quickly enlighten him as to how difficult it is to feed a family without an income. Or to pay bills. Or to pay tithe to a church. Just when you think you have read or heard it all, someone without an iota of life experiences says something this idiotic. People don't know where their next meal is coming from these days. People don't know how they will pay the mortgage or send their kids to school. You have people like Bishop Chartres making ludicrous comments about losing your job being in your best interest. I'm curious of the Richard Chartres thinks losing his position as Bishop of London would be good for him. Maybe he should resign in sympathy to those that have no idea of how they will have an income over the next few months. Somehow, I don't think the good Bishop will do that.


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