Tuesday's Rambling Thoughts – February 24, 2008

Like so many other people right now, I have decided to refinance my home mortgage. My current interest rate is 6.25%. I am very confident I will get it lowered significantly. I say this especially in light of the “Stimulus Bill” that President Obama has signed into law. I have mixed emotions about taking part in this. On one hand, I feel guilty because children that are not even conceived in the womb will be paying for this. But, on the other hand, I would feel like a fool if I don't take advantage of interest rates that could lower my mortgage payment significantly in the years a head. Not to mention how much of a savings in interest this will be. I don't see how President Obama can cut the deficit by 2/3 by 2013, as he has stated. Not with the trillions of dollars that are being spent now. But, they are just smarter than I am, I guess. I just don't see it.

After prices rose for the past couple of weeks, I am seeing gas prices drop back down to the level they were about a month ago. I got gas yesterday for $1.57/gallon. Last week gas prices were $1.84/gallon. That is a significant decrease. It had to happen. The price of a barrel of oil continues to drop. I have read where many think it will bottom out at $25.00/barrel. Last year, at this time, that would have been unimaginable. Last year, with the gas shortages, many were predicting $12,00/gallon price of gas. Some in Florida were actually paying $8.00/gallon. There was no way the economy could sustain that kind of price for gasoline. I think the economy will slightly rebound in my amateurish opinion. But, I don't see it happening this year. This is the worst recession (or depression, if you prefer) in my lifetime. And I have always thought the one that lasted a couple of years in the early 80s was as bad as it gets. I was wrong.

Here, in Mobile, AL, it is Fat Tuesday. This is the last day of Mardi Gras. Thank God. I know it is a lot of fun for the kids and young adults also. But, on average, there is one person killed every Mardi Gras. I have not heard of one as yet. But, there is still time for this unfortunate fact to occur. I enjoyed Mardi Gras at one time myself. So, I can't complain about others enjoying in their youth. But, looking back on it now, I try to figure out what was so much fun about it. It never failed that fights would break out. Usually it was over Mardi Gras beads that merchants give away and rock candy that is sold $.50/lb. I just could not deal with it now. But, I'm happy for those that still enjoy it. I'm just thankful it comes once a year.

Finally, I have been searching for a new yard man since the one from last year has moved on to better things. I have hired this 14 year old boy to do it. I have reservations about a kid mowing my lawn. I told him this very fact. He has promised me he would do a good job. And, if I was not pleased with the work, there would be no charge. I was a bit stunned to see such a business-like attitude by someone this young. Of course, I would pay him no matter what. My lawn does not need mowing as yet. But, the leaves were all over the place. This young man did a far better job of getting them up than the previous guy. He did such a good job, I gave him an extra five dollars. He would not accept it. The young fellow said we agreed on $50.00. I think he has a fine future a head of him.


Oh same here in the Philippines. Kids that are not yet born or not even conceived in the womb will be paying for our debt from the world bank. So bad...everything keeps going high but the salary still the same.

Hello David,

I am probably your age or close to it and for me, I don't see any of this getting any better. I hurt for our children and grandchildren and how their lives are going to be affected by the decisions being made today. We think we have it bad. Huh! The generation being raised right now have no idea how to handle hard times. They have been spooned fed by parents and the government. How sad that seemingly trying to do good can be so bad. I know I will not stop praying for this world in which we live. I also know what the good book says that this life will not last forever so hopefully we are preparing for whatever the future holds.

Thanks for this thought provoking post.

Eddie Garcia

katherine, it is a worldwide problem. It is unfortunate that our leaders do not care about future generations as much as they pretend.

Eddie,I blame Bill Clinton for this mess. Not so much for the economic morass (although some might make an argument about that). What I blame Bill for is the idea that the federal government is the solution to all our problems. People bought into it. And, now, we have the maestro of big government in the Oval Office. As Ronald Reagan once said, You don't spend your way out of a recession. But, we sure as hell are going to give our best shot, it appears. Thanks for the comment and please come back.

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