Tuesday's Rambling Thoughts – February 17, 2009

There is more evidence this powerful recession is hurting my hometown. Goody's Family Clothing store is going out of business. I didn't know until yesterday the chain had filed bankruptcy. I have been there many times and gotten some really good deals on blue jeans, shoes and so forth. I think what contributed to Goody's woes is that they are adjacent to Wal-Mart. But, prior to this year, they always seemed to do well. There are two other locally owned businesses that have also put up their going out of business signs. Also, there are four gas stations within two miles of my home that have shut down. You know things are bad when gas stations are shutting down. President Obama better hope his Stimulus Bill works. The stimulus package that “W” pushed through was said to be “urgent” also. Funny thing, the Presidents' Stimulus package didn't seem so urgent after it was passed. He took a weekend visit to his Chicago home.

The Heimlich maneuver came into play at Cracker Barrel last Friday. A man apparently got choked on a piece of chicken. I noticed he grabbed his throat, and stood up gasping for breath. A woman behind him performed the Heimlich maneuver on him, out pops the chicken. I never saw someone turn that red in the face. An ambulance came and took him to the hospital anyway since he complained of feeling faint.

What little winter weather we have, is about to leave. Living here on the gulf coast, we really only experience about 4-6 weeks of winter. There are times when we have temperatures drop down into the teens. But, that is usually at night. During the daytime, it is rare, extremely rare for temperatures not to climb back, at least, into the 50s. I simply don't know how people can co-exist with snow and ice 3-5 months a year. Of course, people up north probably can't figure out how we co-exist with the threat of hurricanes six months a year. I'm starting to try and figure that one out myself. I am really tired of worrying about hurricanes.

Finally, I am happy to report that a neighbor's son has come back home safely after being deployed to Iraq for about nine months. His detachment was no longer needed in Iraq. The majority of his detachment was heading for Afghanistan after going home for about a month. I made a post about this last year [story of faith]. I watched him leaving as his mother cried. Matthew, my neighbor's son, has finished his time in the U.S.Army. He was pushed to reenlist, which he declined. He refuses to discuss what transpired during his time in Iraq. I tactfully suggested to his family they not ask him about it. I know from personal experience, it's best to let someone discuss combat on their on time and their own terms. I'm just glad the boy made it back home safely in the loving arms of his mom.


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