S. African TV Station Announces George W. Bush Dead

A South African TV station mistakenly broadcast [article link] that former President George W. Bush died Wednesday. The TV station had a moving banner that ran across the screen informing viewers of this astonishing news. ETV News later said it was all a mistake. Someone had "pressed the wrong button." I'm not sure how something like that can happen unless you already have a story like that wrote up. That, in and of itself, is terrible. I still don't see how it can happen unless something somewhere was already wrote up. But, what happened afterward was appalling.

Just minutes after the news was broadcast, jubilation ensued in the streets of the state capital, Pretoria, tens of thousands marched, began to sing, some openly wept in joy. In Johannesburg over 750,000 people were shooting off fireworks in celebration and joy over the "death" of President Bush. I can't put into words how disgusting I find this. I find myself in the uncomfortable and unpleasant position of defending "W" who I have continually chastised on this blog since it's inception. But, in this case, it's a no-brainer. Why the hatred for W? Joy over his death? George Bush no longer has any power. He is a private citizen of the United States now. And, what did W ever do to South Africa? He declared open warfare on America's enemies after 911. In this case, it is the only shining moment of his failed presidency. This country was not attacked after 911. That is his legacy insofar as success. But, the raw hatred that was on display in the cities of South Africa is puzzling. And stupid as hell. Maybe a deeper analysis would reveal just hatred for all things American in this "celebration."

Over 60 million Americans voted for President Obama. The socialists in the US and around the world applauded. All the people who believe in big government got what they wanted in last year's election. But, the continued hatred for George W. Bush is mystifying to me. You see it everyday in the news from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Now, we are seeing it from a simple "mistake" made by a TV station in South Africa. The people of that nation need to reflect on what is really important in their lives. To quote Chuck Palahniuk, “When we don't know who to hate, we hate ourselves.” Basically, that is what these "citizens" of South Africa have next on their hate agenda.


Hi David,

Like you, I was no big fan of President Bush, especially on his spending. But I never understood the hatred he received from every direction. I applaud him for not caving in to special interests and for keeping us safe since 9-11. And to those of you who thought Bush was an idiot, and blindly supported Obama...congratulations. You may have just elected the worst President of all time. In just two weeks he's right up there with Jimmy Carter. If only there were a box big enough to hold Pelosi, Reid and Obama, perhaps we could ship them off to Africa. God help us.

San Diego

Well, for me unemployment no good. I want job to be busy and to have income... heheheh.. have a pleasant day!

Highly doubtful that Obama could possibly take over as the worst President of all time. That title belongs to George W Bush (who took over from Reagan as Worst President)

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