"A Nation of Cowards"

The subject line is how Attorney General Eric Holder described [article link]Americans in a speech to Justice Department employees. He said this is in response to February being Black History Month. Attorney General Holder went on to say that average Americans do not talk to each other about race, that there are "unresolved racial issues" not discussed. Holder went on to complain about our being "segregated" on weekends and in our private lives.

I'm not going to lose any sleep over this kind of comment from someone who is supposedly the nation's highest ranking law enforcement officer. It is obvious he was referring to "white America," the same "white America" that just three months ago voted in the first African-American President of the United States. So, I am quite curious what "unresolved racial issues" Mr. Holder was referring to. Is it the Affirmative Action "racial issue" that gives precedence due to skin color? Is it about having an entire month dedicated to one people based on their race color and ethnicity? Are these the "unresolved racial issues" Mr. Holder so painfully cried about to his employees? Or is it an unresolved issue of never having an African-American as Attorney General of the United States? Oh wait...that's already been laid to rest also! As to "segregation" on weekends and private lives; Mr. Holder may not understand, but as an American citizen I can spend my private time in any manner I wish as long as it doesn't break any law. But, I'm not going to take responsibility of some vague and generalized "racial issues" that Mr. Holder didn't even elaborate about. Fact is, there is little in the way of "unresolved racial issues" in this country in 2009. This is a fallacy perpetrated by the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world. I am sad to see our Attorney General fall in with this fine twosome.

Since Attorney General Holder was so indescript about the "unresolved racial issues," I have to ponder if it was deliberate on his part. Maybe it was to make points with his new employees. Or maybe it was just to pander to the leftist mentality of the Obama Administration. That being the case, one has to wonder who the real coward is, Mr. Holder.


You are true. America is having its first African American President now and kids know him just as a President and not as a black or white.
I would say his statement "Unresolved racial issues" would have been more apt, say 40 years ago.

i just think that the whole racist thing is not something that we should put importance on. the issue now is survival. yeah, don't lose sleep over it. some people are just plain insensitive.

Sedona, it is just a bit absurd to me to see a continuation of "unresolved racial issues" coming from the first African-American Attorney General, who was, in turn, appointed by the first African-American President of the United States. How many more "unresolved racial issues" are honestly on the table? Thanks for the comment.

mm, I'm curious what "racist thing" you are talking about. I agree with you that the racial issues are not nearly as important as people losing their homes, jobs and retirement funds. But, I'm not going to lose ANY sleep from some vague, general statements on Americans being cowards because they don't discuss racial issues. Right now, both black, white, red, yellow or whatever your color are focused on just what you said; survival. If that makes me insensitive, then so be it. Thanks for your comment as well.

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