My New Routine: Jogging

As I have said several times in this blog, I am an avid exercise junkie. I am now carrying weights (20lbs in ankle weights, 10lb dumbbells in each hand...do the math) during my morning treadmill routine. It has enabled me to lose quite a bit of weight as I have said before. I try to do this twice a day, schedule permitting. But, as of late, it has become something of a bore. Oh, I still do my workout on the treadmill. But, for my second set of exercises, I am going to start jogging.

I do about 2 miles a day with the above weights on the treadmill. I have talked with a friend who has been jogging for the past six years. She stays as trim and fit as anyone just half her age (she is 52). So, I decided I would go with her on her early Sunday morning jog. She jogs about 3 miles a day, give or take. I figured I could do that easily with no weights. So, I met her at the predetermined location and off we went. To make a long story short, I was sucking wind after about half a mile and could go no further. Jogging is much, much more demanding than I originally thought. I thought I was in pretty good shape and I am, by most accounts. But, I'm going to have to dive into jogging a bit slower than I anticipated. Of course, my friend, showed me no mercy. She jogged backwards the last half mile smiling and waving at me as I sat on the grass trying to recuperate.

I won't give up. But, I think I need to go into this jogging routine by myself. No way I can keep up with her, especially at the pace she set. And, no, she said I would have to keep pace with her. With friends like her...


I'm impressed! No, not with you, but with your lady friend. Hee, hee. Wow! 52 and jogging 3 miles at a fast pace.

Okay, David. If it makes you feel better, I'm also impressed with you for losing those extra weights and for doing treadmill twice daily. Those are things that I haven't been able to accomplish even though I keep telling myself that I need to do them. Great job.

Have a great day,

Oooooh Tasha! And I thought you were my friend! :) Yes, someday I am going to learn to keep my mouth shut. I told Alice that if I can do 30 minutes twice a day with 40lbs in weights, jogging 3 miles will be no problem for me!!! I can't get this taste of crow out of my mouth. But, I must say, she has been jogging for six years...and showed me that it takes time to build up to the point she is. She doesn't just jogs, she is at a sprint...at least to me it seems that way! Thanks for dropping by, Tasha!

I wish I can stand jogging like you :p

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