Dachshund Puppies on the Loose!!!

This is a video of some Dachshund puppies...well, just being puppies. I owned two mini-dachunds (black and tan) during my abbreviated marriage. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to get rid of them due to some unforseen circumstances...such as not having a place to live. But, the minis were a lot of fun. It was very difficult to train them. And, the best thing about them, they were EXCELLENT watch dogs. If the wind blew too hard outside, they would let you know about it. Anyway, I hope you like this short video.


Okay, how friggin cute is that! I love puppies (I have two 15 year old "puppies").

Matt, I just love puppies. This is starting to become a weekly series for me in posting videos of them. But, I think this one is the best thus far. As much as I love them, I don't think I could handle another. My 9 month old beagle is giving me all I can handle!!! Thanks for stopping by.

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