The $27,000 Phone Bill

I know that a lot of NFL football fans will go to any lengths to keep up with their beloved team, whether it be the New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers or, in this case, the Chicago Bears. Wayne Burdick [Article Link] was about to embark on a cruise to the Caribbean when he decided to watch the Chicago Bears – Detroit Lions (alleged football team) play on his laptop(internet connection to his slingbox device). His cruise ship was still in port while he watched the three hour game, according to the news article. That was all well and good. He finished watching the game, turned off his laptop and enjoyed the cruise.

When he came home, he had a bill from "AT and T." Imagine his “shock and awe” when he discovered the bill was for $27,788.93!!! It appears "AT and T" thought that international roaming charges were applicable even though his ship was still in port. Of course, Mr. Burdick wasn't going to pay that ridiculous amount which was roughly about $9,300 an hour!!! I'm as big a college football fan you will meet. But, no way I would even think about paying a fraction of that amount!. I don't particularly care for the pro game. Anyway, Mr. Burdick finally got the nearly bankrupt "AT and T" to understand that the international charges could not apply since he was in port and not in international waters. I can't even imagine how upset he must have been. I get upset if I feel I've been slighted a few cents. $27,000? They might as well bury me. .


Hahaha, my family in the states made their mouth wide open and eyes were big if the phone bills reaches to $500. Hahaha. How much more if it is $27,000.


I am not sure I could even take a $500.00 phone bill now. I am surprised that guy didn't stroke out when he got the $27,000 bill! Thanks for your comment.

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