Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy

I had never even heard of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi until Sunday afternoon. Wife of a friend told me to come over to see her new puppy, "Muffin." Not really wanting to see a dog named "Muffin," I tried to plead out of it. But, since she and her daughter had taken care of some household chores while I was down and out from my back surgery, I couldn't really say no.

So, I go there and saw another kind of dachshund to me. I had never even seen or heard of a Corgi. Seriously, I've always loved beagles or any kind of hound dog. But, it was hard not to be awe struck by Muffin. She came right up to me and wanted me to pet her. She is all of 8 weeks old and can conveniently fit in the palm of my hand. I have sometimes thought about another dog, if for no other reason than to keep Ralph company while I am gone during the day. But, since it has been the two of us since he was six weeks old (Ralph will be 9 months old on the 12th of this month), I'm kind of worried about Ralph's reaction to another dog in the house. Ralph, like most beagles, is extremely territorial. Any dog that even comes sniffing around get's him going! He's snapping, barking and trying to get through the fence to the dog who dared to intrude on his yard!!! So, I doubt I'll be getting a Corgi or any other dog. Ralph is enough.

I saw this video of a Corgi puppy and thought some readers might like it. Really cute puppy.


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