New Year's Day Reflections

When I was a young boy, New Year's Day meant college football, blackeyed peas (with the lucky dime in the peas), cornbread, more relatives that we didn't see on Christmas, fireworks and the dread of going back to school after about a two week layoff for the holiday season. As I graduated from school and went into the U.S. Navy, I really can't remember much about New Year's Eve/Day. For some reason, those days are a blur now. Ok, I went out on the town with my fellow sailors and brought in the New Year in style. I just remember I had fun. I remember New Year's Day 1972...Cam Rahn Bay, South Vietnam. I had been “volunteered” for riverboat (or swiftboat if you prefer) duty for a period of 12 weeks. I knew there was a 50% casualty rate for this type of patrol. I didn't think I would come back to see New Year's Day 1973. Somehow, I survived. There were many others who were not as fortunate.

Now as I steam full speed ahead toward the age of 60 in a couple of years, I think back not just on New Year's Day; but all the holidays I have somehow managed to be around to celebrate in one form or another. There are several friends from high school who are not around to celebrate this holiday or any other holiday. The same goes for many friends I made while I served this country in 'Nam. And, the same can be said of relatives. I have been blessed in ways I guess I never really thought about. I'm still alive and kicking for a new year. I have a little sister who will eternally be age 25. The last New Year's Day she celebrated was in 1989. My favorite uncle celebrated his last new year in 1986. My mother's last New Year's Day was in 1998.

I realize you are supposed to be cheerful and optimistic this time of year. I have no reason to be pessimistic despite a floundering economy. I know this blog entry is less than optimistic. And I don't mean to sound so morbid by pointing out those I have known through the years who are no longer around to celebrate the arrival of a new year. It's just that I wish all those beloved people were still around for the travels down the road of life. I miss all of them and I wouldn't give up all those warm memories for anything. In that respect, I suppose those people will never die as long as I am able to remember them. Ok, now I feel better! Happy New Year everyone!!!


A happy and prosperous new year to you too, David.

I enjoyed your post and can relate to how looking over your past can make you feel melancholy. That's why I try not to do that too much. Looking back over several months to a year is enough for me. Have a great 2009

Thanks Lea. I didn't mean to come across so melancholy in that blog entry. It just turned out that way. During the holiday season, loved ones that has passed on, weigh heavily on my mind. I hope you have a great 2009 as well.

came across your profile when i am going through a very painful life...david you are a very brave compassionate and a genuine human being...may you do get that peace, you are looking for... . n hey..world is not that cruel when it still has people like you.L.thanx for strengthening my faith .....HAVE A HAPPY N A PEACEFUL NEW YEAR...GOD BLESS.

kiran, I thank you for your kind comments. Whatever crisis you are going through in life, just know that we all have been there at one point or another. I would have liked to go to your site, but was unable to. I hope you come back sometime and let me know how you are. I care.

Happy New Year! cheer$

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