Happy Birthday Elvis!

Elvis Presley would have been 74 years old yesterday
. Of course, some people think he is 74 years old right now on some remote island somewhere. Be that as it may, Elvis Presley's birthday was celebrated in Memphis, TN yesterday. People in my age group can remember where they were when JFK was assassinated, where they were when the Challenger and Columbia space shuttle disasters took place and, most recently, where they were when 911 WTC disaster took place . We also remember where we were when the news came out that Elvis had died. He has far surpassed any earnings he made while he was alive. In fact, he topped Forbes Magazine of dead celebrities in earnings.

Even President-Elect Obama has gotten into the act. He has requested that the Elvis song, “If I can Dream,” be played during his inauguration. I was never a big fan of Elvis. I respected what he did; a poor country boy from MS who grew up to be a superstar like no other. Like so many people who went from poverty to overwhelming wealth, Elvis was unable to handle his celebrity status. So, he turned to drugs. He turned to food and the subsequent obesity. I prefer to remember the young Elvis, the Elvis who served his country (albeit as a super star entertainer) in the U.S. Army. I think that is the Elvis most people prefer to remember. That was the Elvis, the young Elvis, that the U.S. Postal Service used in the postage stamp celebrating Elvis life a number of years ago.

The song below is really the only song by Elvis I really like. In fact, this is one of my favorite songs. I know others have sung this song before. But, no one, I mean, NO ONE could sing it like Elvis. Sing it Elvis.....


So maybe youre not a HUGE fan of Elvis, but I figured maybe you'd be interested in checking out the feature we did on my site, Collectors' Quest. We interviewed some people who love the guy and have photos of their insane collections. http://www.collectorsquest.com/featured-week/Elvis.html

Thanks jenn. I figured the Elvis admirers were doing a big to do on his birthday last Thursday. I just admired him for what he was; a poor boy who made it to the top. Unfortunately, he just couldn't handle that kind of success. I doubt most people could.

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