Firefighter Accidentally Killed

One of the more bizarre stories of the new year occurred in Elizabeth, NJ. Firefighters were responding to a house fire. Firefighter Gary Stephens was directing the fire truck when the driver lost sight of him and instead focused on the fire. Gary Stephens got trapped underneath the fire truck. It took several attempts to free Mr. Stephens from the fire truck. Gary Stephens died at the hospital as a result of his injuries. This fire was started by a “homeless man” from Guatemala who had broken into the home. He started the fire to get warm.

The first reaction I'm sure people are going to have reading this story is sympathy for a homeless man who was simply attempting to get warm. Let's dig a little deeper. He was in New Jersey, a safe haven for all illegal aliens. He broke into a home. Breaking and entering is a felony. Emilio Vasquez is charged with arson, and murder. I don't see the murder conviction sticking, unfortunately. They would have to prove his actions were with malice. I don't see that. Most likely that will be downgraded to 1st degree manslaughter charge.

I'm sure people will say it was the fire truck driver's fault. There is some negligence there for sure. But, if not for an illegal alien in this country breaking into a house to start a fire, the firefighters would never have responded to that call. That is why I blame the illegal. He wasn't mentioned as illegal in the news report. It's not politically correct to do that. But, 2+2 still equals 4. He should get the maximum sentence by law. Unfortunately, it won't be due to murder. I feel it is unwise of the DA to try him on that charge. I hope, I sincerely hope if it is discovered this was an illegal alien, the family of firefighter Gary Stephens sues the hell out of the state of New Jersey over their illegal alien sanctuary law. How many more Americans have to be killed by illegals before the federal and state governments take action???

Oh, those of you who are illegal alien apologists who are offended by my venomous response..........I DO NOT CARE.


I don't consider myself an apologist, but it does seem like you were a little harsh here. I do think the sanctuary thing is a very bad idea. Either they are illegal and we need to deal with it, or they aren't. The city shouldn't be able to go against state and federal laws. That strikes me as wrong.

Marilyn, I'd be interested in knowing what you consider me to be harsh about. It was the city DA who is pressing for 1st degree murder. While I can't say I disagree with this, I think it's a waste of time. There was no malice intended when he broke into the house. If they are illegal, we have laws on the books to deal with this. Unfortunately, we don't have politicians who are willing to enforce our laws regarding illegal immigration.

Thanks for your comment.

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