Cold and Flu Season

I have to consider myself blessed even though I have the flu. This is the first case of the flu or any type of cold virus since February of 2003. I started feeling weak the day of my uncle's funeral this past Wednesday. I suspect I got this from someone there. It's just a hunch on my part. I feel rough...barely able to write up this post. My head hurts, throat hurts, every bone in my body is hurting today. If there is any consolation, I am not alone. After going to the doctor yesterday afternoon, the office was filled with people coughing and appearing very sick. I'm usually facing a 3 hour wait whenever I go to my doctor. Yesterday it was a 4 1/2 hour extravaganza. It was hell on earth. I have not been able to sleep all night. I am hoping I can recover somewhat over the weekend. But, I'm not optimistic I will.

If that isn't enough, my nine month old beagle, Ralph, has a stomach virus according to the vet. He can't hold food down, and has been throwing up. I didn't need this along with my being sick. So, now I have to help myself and my dog. Ralph slept most of the day yesterday. I suppose that could be the meds he is taking. But, that is totally unlike Ralph. He has one speed and that is full speed all the time. But, even as I type this, he is laying at my feet sleeping as I type up this post. I think I will let him do what he has been taught not to do; get up on my bed. He's been shivering and I think laying next to me with a blanket over him will make him feel better. Maybe it'll make me feel better too.

Somebody remind me why I took a flu shot this year.


David, Sorry to hear about your bout with the flu.

On top of that, your poor dog is sick too!

My family and I have found a different way to fight colds and the flu. You can find out more by going to PurpleGreenPops.com.

Get well soon!

Paul, thanks for the advice. At this point, I'm ready to try anything.

Get better, David! The flu really sucks.

Glad you were still able to make a good blog post though!!

I hope you and your beagle feels better soon.

Matt, good to see you again. Yes, my magical fingers can still work even in the depths of despair. :) Like I said, I can't complain since this is the first case of the flu/cold virus I have had since Febuary 2003. Thanks for the comment.

mom2Bradley, thanks for the well wishes. I think Ralph is doing better than I am right now. At least he is eating again. When he doesn't eat, I KNOW something is wrong. Thanks for the comment.

I'm glad to know that Ralph is feeling better. I hope you feel better soon too.

just dropping by hoping for a link exchange!

I hope by now you are fully recovered from flu

hi. just came to give some smiles

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