Cats, Dogs, and Kids

I had never particularly cared for cats. That is the way I had been all my life. I was that way until my ex-wife rescued one from an animal shelter. I loved that cat with all my heart. "Kida" provided laughs a minute to me. When I was bed ridden with the worst case of the flu I've ever had, Kida got up in the bed to comfort me. I'll never forget that. Kida was/is a prankster. He would innocently climb up at the top of the couch, walk casually by me and pop me up side my head. He would do that knowing I would chase him through the house. He was almost human. I wanted to bring him back with me after the divorce. But, as a final slap at me, my X gave him away. It broke my heart.

This video is some of the funniest moments of cats, dogs and kids I can ever remember watching. This may have been on TV at one time. I suspect it has. Still, it is funny to watch one more time. I hope you enjoy it.


Love those kitties! My first pet was a black and white tom cat. My mother said I'd pull that cat around by the tail and he loved it. No one else could treat him like that. Maybe that's why I love cats. Great video.

And I thought I was the only man that loved cats! Good for you. I miss my beloved, Kida. I hope he is doing well, whevever he may be. Thanks for your comment.

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