Amazing True Animal Story

Ok, I'm starting to get into this video thing on my blog. I've seen some amazing videos at youtube. And, I guess "David's Wednesday Video" might be a good series to have. Maybe I'll officially start that series next week.

The video this week is one of friendship...and love. I certainly don't encourage people to adopt wild animals. The outcome might not be one they would enjoy. But, the male lion in this video was cruelly treated as a cub. He lived a life of misery until one day, a man and woman adopted him. They kept him despite the hardships of feeding him, keeping him under control and the natural fear that he might turn on them. They eventually managed to get him returned to the wild from whence he came. This video is about him one year later after he has his own pride and was, for all intents and purposes, a wild lion who could kill with a single swipe from his paw.


Happy Wednesday! Bloghoppin' here... Hey, I have an interesting tutorial for you that I have written myself. It is about adding Adsense on your Single Post in XML template. I hope you'll like it! God Bless you!

new day new fresh love and smile for u. and hope to back for real ssmmiille toO.


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