Al Gore: The Ice Sculpture

I don't usually laugh out loud at whatever news I read on the internet or watch on TV. Most times, I just "sigh" and shake my head. But, this news [article link] from an Alaska TV station about former Vice-President, global warming alarmist and soon-to-be Billionaire, Al Gore made me, quite literally, laugh out loud! It seems the erstwhile environmental crusader has had an ice sculpture made of him in Fairbanks, Alaska by a local businessman. Of course, Al Gore is pictured as "shivering" in this sculpture. That struck me as funny since he has been at the forefront of the Global "end of discussion" Warming movement around the world. I won't go into how many times his theory has been shot down that global warming has been man-made. Scientists who are actually climatologists and others who initially supported the man-made concept are "warming" up to the idea this may all be cyclic in nature. I just find it funny someone has made such an ironic sculpture of "The Bloated One" in Alaska.

I looked for a pic online of this Al Gore ice sculpture. Alas, I could not find one. But, I think I probably found the one above more to my liking anyway. He's full of hot air, of course. But, I specifically think he is full of something else. Since this is mostly a family blog, I will refrain from saying what I think he is really full of these days. Oh, one more thing; the correct term now is "climate change." Obviously, they are doing this to cover all their bases. The lunatic left; you just gotta love'em!


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